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20.12.2014 23:07
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cherrydragon199 28.01.2015 20:22
Mew *.*
TundraLotos 21.12.2014 10:16
TundraLotos, it looks like that one medal survived after the bite x3
TundraLotos 21.12.2014 10:12
KanyeRedMan, well, I do not know very much. You can buy them with REAL money and if you a do perfect toon then moderator gives you some of them.
KanyeRedMan 21.12.2014 00:29
Q=How do you get spiders
Warriorcatzcraft 21.12.2014 00:21
You don't have too, but ok :DDD
TundraLotos 21.12.2014 00:16
Warriorcatzcraft, You will get soon! If I get enough spiders for medal then I give it for you!
Warriorcatzcraft 21.12.2014 00:15
TundraLotos, I haven't got one yet... :(
but soon :)
Nice :DD
dinomuska 20.12.2014 23:44
TundraLotos, u really don't know?
Fire_Bre4ther2 20.12.2014 23:37
Fire_Bre4ther2 20.12.2014 23:37