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comment the weirdest dream

01.08.2018 20:28
you've ever had. Mine: So i have a friend named kendrick, kendrick slept over at my house in my dream.(btw me and @21robax are siblibgs)So me and 21robax woke up and heard a mario game, @21robax got mad and beat the heck out of him because he thought he stole it. An hour later he went to prison and died there.
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SwagTomato 03.08.2018 10:45
I've dreamed that I went to poop lol
foxlover09 02.08.2018 22:05
all of my family members were zombies and we were running around i went into a room and my aunt amber got in and she was a zombie and the last thing i remember is waking up i have this dream every year or so its scary
Offel 02.08.2018 19:37
Toasty430, that's intense ._. XD
Toasty430 02.08.2018 19:22
I once dreamt that I was leading a crusade against a massive llama that kept eating some townspeople's wheat and stuff. Around the end I found out that I was a tiny lizard.
Offel 01.08.2018 20:42
Matt_Attack, no one did
Matt_Attack 01.08.2018 20:38
wait you and robax are brothers? I never knew lol.
RolePlay_Doodles 01.08.2018 20:37
wow i have amazing grammar
Offel 01.08.2018 20:36
SeaOfSecrets 01.08.2018 20:35
Chased by Mark Zuckerbergs face in a minecraft ravine
Offel 01.08.2018 20:35
Kristersv10, u were