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21.03.2015 04:28
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Gotta get back into the swing in drawing skulls haha. Might use this creature a lot actually, I enjoy his design! (please do not continue any of my animations! Thank you!)
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Deliriiious 21.03.2015 05:21
@hearbrokehope Good point, but its kind of rude to do it y'know?
heartbrokehope 21.03.2015 05:18
hey atleast you know your popular when people advertise on your user heh :3
Deliriiious 21.03.2015 05:11
_Wings Lets not advertise on other people's things thanks :/
heartbrokehope 21.03.2015 05:04
hes so coooool!
_Wings 21.03.2015 05:02