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here i am!

04.02.2018 05:41
im still so happy that im in the royals group account! being in it was one of the first things i wanted since ive joined toon a few mounths ago! thank u so much FluffoWuffo! - _disaster_
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R0YALS 06.02.2018 17:58
recsterio, The leader decides who to put in. - Fluff
recsterio 06.02.2018 05:19
what do i have to do to get in a group account?
R0YALS 05.02.2018 00:02
recsterio, Thanks! - Fluff
recsterio 04.02.2018 23:49
R0YALS, you people are awesome!!
recsterio 04.02.2018 23:38
R0YALS, well one person did
_RELAX_ 04.02.2018 23:33
cool I like it
R0YALS 04.02.2018 23:32
recsterio, I haven't seen people calling you that. - Fluff
recsterio 04.02.2018 23:31
ugh, why are people calling me a pessimist??
recsterio 04.02.2018 23:25
I have problems with turning the angles as well as drawing
guidelines are very hard cause I don't really know where to put them
R0YALS 04.02.2018 23:19
RANDOMGIRL4, Thanks! - Fluff