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Magical John Egbert

11.02.2017 11:21
what if you slipped up and became a daydream instead of something real?


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Amorthlen 05.11.2018 09:10
i.... i... 0.O HOMESTUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought i escaped... how did you find me?! No... NO I DONT WANT TO READ THE ENTRIE SERIES AGAIN *4 hours later* i... I FRICKEN LOVE THE TROLLS! <3 <3
Sunshineoftime 03.12.2017 06:14
Talia8Pie, yeah! I loved it! It was so great looking at all the great fanfiction and fan art that came from the story. waiting for the updates became like a worldwide thing. it was always good to look forward to something. >u< hope it does come back in some way!
Talia8Pie 02.12.2017 12:11
Sunshineoftime, Man didn't know you were a homestuck man. I feel no longer alone in this fandom :D
Sunshineoftime 02.12.2017 11:25
ZEXITY, yuppity yup yup, it's john! miss homestuck like....crazy crazy
Sunshineoftime 02.12.2017 11:25
Talia8Pie, john baby come backkkk
ZEXITY 02.12.2017 09:57
hey john i found a egg and i have a pet robot named bert wait is that JOHN EGBERT HES THE EGGGG
Talia8Pie 02.12.2017 09:40
Sunshineoftime 05.05.2017 03:19
Audrey1t, magic, magic is the key lol
Audrey1t 14.04.2017 00:17
whatthefcuk its even beter
Sunshineoftime 16.03.2017 11:48
MeiGoat, John-san and all the spunky characters of homestuck <3 love forever~ (patiently waits for hiveswap and that cliffhanger to be redeemed) TuT