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Calligraphy for ToonToonAnimator

02.08.2018 00:30
More calligraphy! If you would like me to write something for you, please leave a comment. It can be your name, favourite word/phrase....
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AnonymousGoat13 21.09.2018 03:36
Athena97 21.09.2018 03:31
AnonymousGoat13, No worries! I always use a reference, that's my secret!
AnonymousGoat13 21.09.2018 03:30
Ok sorry I shouldn't have asked, it's you secret- you keep doing your magic, though :)
Athena97 21.09.2018 03:28
AnonymousGoat13, Magic! ;)
AnonymousGoat13 21.09.2018 03:17
thank you! How do you make this calligraphy, anyway? It's amazing!
Athena97 19.09.2018 23:30
AnonymousGoat13 19.09.2018 22:35
How do you do this so well......hm...can you do Anonymous Goat?
Athena97 02.08.2018 05:05
Glad you like it!
ToonToonAnimator 02.08.2018 04:29
1st like, first favorite, first comment