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I'll show you a cool trick

04.04.2018 13:44
Poor guy, just wanted to show a cool trick, and then his buddy just finds it stupid and weird....
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Sketchyx 05.04.2018 13:42
Harkill, zefuro, both of u guys are good compared to me. I still don't have passer and I been here for 6 months
zefuro 05.04.2018 01:24
Harkill, NOOOOO00000ooooooooo by inappropriate i meant overly sexualising stuff, i like gore stuff too :)
i don't deserve an animator yet, neither do i want one, i'm too lazy :P
keep working hard :)
Harkill 04.04.2018 23:51
zefuro, Aaah, thanks! Yours are really good too, you should have animator rank too! Oh well, the ranks don't matter..
And thanks! I just realized I've already broken the blood/gore rule and curse rule, yikes. I guess I'll have to be more careful what I make >A< Hopefully it's not THAT bad.
zefuro 04.04.2018 21:26
Harkill, NO, NO, NO it doesnt bother me, ur animations are really good, i just thought a new member would get a passer but i forgot that u were here since 2011, anyway, try your best to hold onto that rank! best of luck :) ...and try not to post anything inappropriate ^_^
DapperVoxlyy 04.04.2018 19:24
Harkill, it just shows that you are good at animating
Harkill 04.04.2018 19:16
zefuro, ah weird. What’s the ranks for? I can see how it bothers you if you want to have that rank and have done a lot of animations TuT
zefuro 04.04.2018 16:09
DapperVoxlyy, i see -__-
DapperVoxlyy 04.04.2018 15:54
zefuro, they have been here since 2011
you got animator easily then
zefuro 04.04.2018 15:45
DapperVoxlyy, i meant with 7 toons,
zefuro 04.04.2018 15:45
Harkill, its really high, currently i am a passer, which means i am inferior to you