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01.08.2018 05:20
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I love her oof, she's honestly amazing. This is kinda for 5OUL since she inspired me :D Voltron is amazing if you don't watch it you should uwo RIP PREVIEW BTW HAHA
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KillerCowPatty 31.01.2019 09:18
narwhale220 31.01.2019 09:16
KillerCowPatty 31.01.2019 09:16
enzo193 24.01.2019 05:56
thanks :D
narwhale220 24.01.2019 05:28
enzo193, just take time on your drawings! and make sure your sketch is detailed!! :D
enzo193 24.01.2019 04:36
pls teach me!?!? XD (sory)
narwhale220 06.01.2019 07:40
cattastic345, probbaly one of those lmao
cattastic345 06.01.2019 07:37
narwhale220, im not even sure here is a list of just a few SkippinDogs @EndoSkendo dragonspiritbond CampCamp
narwhale220 06.01.2019 07:36
cattastic345, oh heck which account :00
cattastic345 06.01.2019 07:32
narwhale220, also we were really good friends on one of my 1000 accounts