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I miss the older people from toon

17.06.2021 19:58
stupid me did not know how to twitter or insta back then and decided to drop all of my contacts multiple times and now I can only stal- quietally watch a few old faces instead of many
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EgirlDestinyyy 13.01.2022 09:25
ItsMiaAndDE 13.01.2022 07:42
tigerblink 17.10.2021 23:34
poxem 18.06.2021 20:30
miss utototoo
Talia8Pie 18.06.2021 14:53
Miss you too,, u_u
Raine_Rain 18.06.2021 02:09
If only i was a little early...i could have met these talented animators :(
B1uMoonGirl 17.06.2021 23:25
DeSpAcitWo, *squints* ill let you go this time
DeSpAcitWo 17.06.2021 23:21
B1uMoonGirl, oh shoot ok fine I'm not the worst person I lied please don't send me to the slam jammer!
B1uMoonGirl 17.06.2021 22:49
DeSpAcitWo, did you know that lying to yourself is illegal dont do it again or you go to jail
DeSpAcitWo 17.06.2021 21:06
wait, why am I in it I'm like the worst person