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Let's talk about time

19.12.2018 01:32
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CjkimYnn 19.12.2018 01:52
ye guess so
ThorDoodles 19.12.2018 01:48
ThorDoodles, no one*
ThorDoodles 19.12.2018 01:47
I think no ones officially knows what it is, we made things to TELL the time to give ourselves a better view on a 'day' and im pretty sure its only been 'around' properly eversince we make the clocks, but I dont think it has an actual thing
we also use planets rotation to help tell the time ig
like night n day
im p sure if we didnt make clocks time would be more confusing
but ayy clocks are made up and so is the English language am I right fellas
CjkimYnn 19.12.2018 01:38
Someone halp me
CjkimYnn 19.12.2018 01:36
Is time relevant before the creation of the Universe?
CjkimYnn 19.12.2018 01:36
Or is time everything that ever existed and didn't exist?
CjkimYnn 19.12.2018 01:35
we as humans just go to wasting, when the things we do don't match the ones we anticipated to do
CjkimYnn 19.12.2018 01:34
technically you aren't wasting time, you are still using time for other things
CjkimYnn 19.12.2018 01:34
tigerblink, same.
CjkimYnn 19.12.2018 01:33
The concept of time; past, present and future