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12.02.2019 07:11
hngg i got lazy @ the end oops (o^▽^o) sorry its not the best i just couldnt come up with anything to animate ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ its got a lot of copy-paste but i hope thats fine cause,,idk
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WolfHats 12.02.2019 22:51
NaniQuackity 12.02.2019 19:20
i love this omg
Fluffowuffo 12.02.2019 07:58
Aweee so cute!~<3 ^w^
Mr_Mister 12.02.2019 07:38
it work wasdwafyhtdhrtefsggjhd
Mr_Mister 12.02.2019 07:38
nvm :')
Mr_Mister 12.02.2019 07:32
why it aint working REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
IlII-ll-Il-lll 12.02.2019 07:29
Mr_Mister, ahh its fine (ノ*°▽°*) u press o first and then l and then d !! like if u were typing OLD so u just press o and then let go of o and then u press l and then let go of l and then u press d and u let go of d just like if ur typing old :'o
sorry if its a bad explanation lol ( ╥ω╥ )
Mr_Mister 12.02.2019 07:27
do you press it like o then l then d or do you press all of them at the same time? ( I'm sorry for wasting your time asking you )
IlII-ll-Il-lll 12.02.2019 07:26
Mr_Mister, no u just press o l and d once and then draw a line :o
Mr_Mister 12.02.2019 07:25
do you hold it?? im having trouble doing it