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12.02.2019 07:11
hngg i got lazy @ the end oops (o^▽^o) sorry its not the best i just couldnt come up with anything to animate ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ its got a lot of copy-paste but i hope thats fine cause,,idk
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IlII-ll-Il-lll 12.02.2019 07:19
Mr_Mister, o! u just press O then L then D on ur keyboard when ur drawing n then it makes ur brush look all funny like that :ooo and then to turn it off u press O-L-D again :o
Mr_Mister 12.02.2019 07:18
Mr_Mister 12.02.2019 07:17
how do you do this kind on line like the way you draw
ShaedeTheEevee 12.02.2019 07:17