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_- The Wind of War-_

04.10.2017 04:49
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"Lose the battle, win the war." -Akande "The Succesor" Ogundimu
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Sanboy 27.11.2017 03:48
Fusing, Np
Fusing 27.11.2017 02:36
Fusing 06.10.2017 02:37
TKninjas, That means the world coming from you! Thanks a world man!
TKninjas 06.10.2017 02:31
Beautiful. Amazing. Fantastical. Alright, I’m running out of words.
Fusing 05.10.2017 17:40
Wirez, Ketchup only coming from the blood of enemies and ashes of battles, and I'm looking RIGHT at YOU!
Wirez 05.10.2017 12:27
Wirez 05.10.2017 12:27
Wait your still looking Into the Sky while Red ketchup Rains from it? Your probably Spaced out...
Sanboy 05.10.2017 04:52
Fusing, :,,,,(
Fusing 05.10.2017 04:49
Sanboy, Very very sadly, no. But it probably sound SUPER fucking sick! A spicy beat fo sho!
Sanboy 05.10.2017 04:08
Please tell me this is a song.