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10.06.2017 15:39


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Dina_nyan 11.06.2017 11:25
cukie, thanks
cukie 11.06.2017 10:41
DankDiddlyMeemz 10.06.2017 22:23
Kuangukaling 10.06.2017 21:28
For me, it's things like this that deserve GP.
Dina_nyan 10.06.2017 19:06
LizWiz, thanks, I tried)
LizWiz 10.06.2017 19:00
a good way to have a still character without copying and pasting is to always refer to the first frame, so small differences between frames don't exaggerate throughout the animation. Also, you did a marvelous job at shading and adding detail!
Dina_nyan 10.06.2017 18:15
augenapfel, спасибо)
augenapfel 10.06.2017 18:15
Dina_nyan 10.06.2017 18:14
ADoctorInAFez, thank you, while I'm just learning
ADoctorInAFez 10.06.2017 18:07
Actually it seems very smooth! Although the shape changes constantly, that is hard to avoid when you don't copy and paste! The fact that it is so detailed is really impressive!