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White Lies | Episode 1

05.12.2019 02:26
Episode | Landing on Baker ST This is an early release! Got it done so I just released it. "help!"
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LittleLittle 07.12.2019 19:00
ToonToonAnimator, btw i was on vacation so i was not able to get back to you on your message.
ToonToonAnimator 06.12.2019 01:16
(NOTE) There is a smoother version available on my page.
StickProductions 05.12.2019 18:36
ima give it a like
StickProductions 05.12.2019 18:36
This is good
-SherlockHolmes- 05.12.2019 16:32
re make this toon to be smoother then i will medal
ToonToonAnimator 05.12.2019 03:22
coochiecatcher, It's meant to be ambiguous. No one knows what the orb is, or where will is. Or what happened to the Earth.
coochiecatcher 05.12.2019 03:16
quite confusing but
its good!!! i like it!!
ToonToonAnimator 05.12.2019 02:30
This will be the shortest episode. I didn't want to include too much, because I've got some great ideas for the upcoming episodes.