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~Re-draw art folder~

13.05.2018 11:07
*inhales* bOIIIIII this little artstyle change (muzzle) looks kinda terrible and off for me !! <:3333333333333333333333333


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__FusH__ 20.11.2018 18:00
fishhh, pff-
fishhh 05.11.2018 08:11
oh boi . my nickname feels so unoriginal now :000
R0YALS 13.05.2018 11:13
R0YALS, I took it out - Fluff
R0YALS 13.05.2018 11:12
Fluffowuffo, I think they would think this one's better, 100% sure so yeah i rlly like the older one to be taken out.
R0YALS 13.05.2018 11:10
Now I'm in it, lol XD - Fluff
Fluffowuffo 13.05.2018 11:10
Fluffowuffo, I thought I was still in the account

Fluffowuffo 13.05.2018 11:09
I shall remove the other folder from the album, and if others wish to go to it to see what you've posted... Well, it's on the side there lol. - Fluff
R0YALS 13.05.2018 11:07
- Fush