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Who is she?

06.10.2018 23:56
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I’ve been alone in this house for so long with nothing but the voices in my head. This lonely existence as an immortal being hasn’t haunted me so much, until now. My family home, now barren due to me killing or turning away from those who I loved, is nothing but just a hideout for me now. My possessions are scattered among the rooms amid the dusty air. Everything suffocates, including me. Recently I had been doing some work with a few contacts to try and familiarise myself with the outside world. Clear out the voices in my head and perhaps hear some new ones too. All I have learn is that the sun still burns and my lust for blood is somewhat euphoric. I remember why now I had turned so many away. But… as I’ve worked for these last few weeks somethings been clawing at the back of my head. It itches to get out. Yet I don’t know what it is. After slogging through the day, I manage to get home unscathed. Once I walked in, I took a deep breath of the familiar air. Finally, a bit of peace fr
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melp 08.09.2019 20:06
swipe5, no worries, she's legal
swipe5 08.09.2019 20:05
she is Eleven
-mergi 13.01.2019 19:12
Lol-Byt 18.10.2018 19:55
ayass 13.10.2018 00:48
-shot- 08.10.2018 19:08
это круто
9976543 08.10.2018 14:56
КРУТЬ!!! Мне очень нравится!))
melp 07.10.2018 20:09
Seelop, thx ^w^
Seelop 07.10.2018 19:16
Amazing work! I love it <3
Nichel 07.10.2018 17:33