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30.01.2019 22:13
5 медалей
my computer was not my friend this evening..... i redid an animation two times and in the end it was a wasted effort. :i
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Toonimator_666 26.07.2019 01:39
Sadly, this is something I can relate to. It happened many times T^T
Gabbes_animation 11.03.2019 14:44
HA HA...........ha.
DZF 04.02.2019 20:57
its me)))
bluebottles 03.02.2019 23:20
haven't seen such cool animator like you here! da best!
Wylieguy 02.02.2019 05:00
Xemi-S2 02.02.2019 02:02
Gabbes_animation 01.02.2019 23:09
OMG!!! I swear i`m gonna pee
AllThePotatoAim 01.02.2019 22:22
this very neat on how it was made with guy
Kanashiq 01.02.2019 16:55
i can relate sadly..
sloppydude234 01.02.2019 09:51