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30.01.2019 22:13
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my computer was not my friend this evening..... i redid an animation two times and in the end it was a wasted effort. :i
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madx 14.02.2020 13:21
Evil_Bagel777 27.01.2020 04:25
Kotsuko, yes
beemoboy 13.12.2019 20:29
One time, I made an animation, but I wasn't signed in. I actually published it, and didn't realize I wasn't signed in until after releasing it. I was so mad that I wasn't able to publish it on my account, so I signed into my account, and looked for the animation, so that I could click 'continue' and release it through my account. But turns out, anonymous users on toonator publish animations a lot, and so, I wasn't able to find it. That day, I made an animation named 'fly' where I talked about it, and got paranoid and pasted a whole copyright infringement article in the description, but got especially paranoid when it said that stealing another's art can make you pay thousands of dollars. Nowadays, I've realized that this is Toonator and not Tinseltown, and that nobody's getting sued here. The anonymous animation was named The Adventures of Andy's Hat, and it is lost now. Luckily, out of madness, soon after, I made The B-Day Madness part 1, which was kind of based off of SwagTomato's Unstoppable, but it wasn't noticeable.
tiger09 15.10.2019 16:29
you have a drawing tablet? SO THATS WHY YOU DRAW SO GOOD
Cyanocitta 09.09.2019 03:34
animaitionate 07.09.2019 01:45
"done bitch"
Toonimator_666 26.07.2019 01:39
Sadly, this is something I can relate to. It happened many times T^T
Gabbes_animation 11.03.2019 14:44
HA HA...........ha.
DZF 04.02.2019 20:57
its me)))
bluebottles 03.02.2019 23:20
haven't seen such cool animator like you here! da best!