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04.02.2017 08:42
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InkSansFanGirl 04.02.2017 09:10
To See It In Colour: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/143510362/
InkSansFanGirl 04.02.2017 09:03
then ill just ignore it...hmm i wonder why you look at it when you hate it
Draven 04.02.2017 09:02
delete yourself
InkSansFanGirl 04.02.2017 09:02
Theworstanimator, ok im sorry
Theworstanimator 04.02.2017 09:01
InkSansFanGirl, "say it in your head not in the comments" cough cough it's called "comments" we can comment ANYTHING we want.
InkSansFanGirl 04.02.2017 09:00
Theworstanimator, Smol_Pug, aww dont be like that if you wanna say somthing mean, say it in your head not in the comments
Smol_Pug 04.02.2017 08:56
Theworstanimator 04.02.2017 08:55
Smol_Pug, i accept ap0logi
Smol_Pug 04.02.2017 08:53
Theworstanimator, sorry fam
Theworstanimator 04.02.2017 08:53
Smol_Pug, That's what i was about to type. YOU STOLE MY THUNDER >;((