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Discovery of the Double Rainbow

27.11.2017 10:22
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Discover of the double rainbow in your life. There will always be a double self within you. The one who lives in the shadow, who does the opposite. When you give up, that you does not. When you cry, that you does not. When you fear, that you does not. That "you" holds your rainbow. As you hold its rainbow. You both eventually whisper to eachother, "we support ourselves and will nurture ourselves. Don't we?" A smile on both.
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Sunshineoftime 18.06.2018 10:54
poccua, thanks!
poccua 12.03.2018 19:17
Oh my God!!! it's awesome !!
UnicornOfDeath 11.12.2017 05:46
how do you enter
Sunshineoftime 03.12.2017 06:15
Sunshineoftime 03.12.2017 06:15
Faaru, :}
MelonPanda06 02.12.2017 23:07
Faaru 02.12.2017 12:23
Sunshineoftime 01.12.2017 08:44
42becausewhynot, thank you!
42becausewhynot 01.12.2017 03:08
Awwwww. So cute!!!
Sunshineoftime 30.11.2017 13:34
1LouiseBelcher, when you click on draw, there says on the right side, click here to enable palette. The color palette should show. :]