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[InkTober#2] Tranquil

03.10.2018 19:18
forgot to post this last night dont sue me| Part three is soon..gotta do things first lol
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RANDOMGIRL4 04.10.2018 03:20
takashisenpai18, Thanks. And someone told me that as long as you follow the prompt and is Halloween-themed, its fine.
(Also, if you tend to use Inking for the event, it can be different colors. There are colored inks as well.)
takashisenpai18 03.10.2018 19:31
this is really good though.
takashisenpai18 03.10.2018 19:31
oof, I though inktober was supposed to be black and white
RANDOMGIRL4 03.10.2018 19:23
moonpelt, Thank you!
moonpelt 03.10.2018 19:23
RANDOMGIRL4 03.10.2018 19:19
thanks preview