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had to draw this with a mouse

16.07.2020 21:54
yeah, sadly my drawing pen broke, so i think my dad is getting me a new one. Luckily on amazon for thsi pad that i'm using it's only 12 bucks, which is actually cheap considering that on the website it's wayyy more. ----anyway, i hope u like this??? I tried my best to make it a loop and i really wanted to work on something passer worthy in which i could use a mouse at the same time. Hope it's good enough, and if it's not, pls don't demote me. I haven't animated with a mouse in forever. I only got good at animating once i started using a drawing tablet
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-Human_Person- 16.07.2020 21:55
_StarMoonlight_, oh no u have anon glitch :(
_StarMoonlight_ 16.07.2020 21:54