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27.02.2019 20:30
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izzyrocks 19.04.2020 07:52
_Iamsobad_ 08.08.2019 02:23
i have not got my email >:(
ebanygamesonfnaf 14.03.2019 23:02
i've been there twice, so, how do I get into the account i'm on? (on toonator.) and how to I post on DRAWN? (I guess I need to learn the controls there.)
WolfHats 10.03.2019 18:30
SpiritWolfie, i like the acceptance of drawn its really nice to be near all that positvity
SpiritWolfie 10.03.2019 18:27
WolfHats, Yeah.
I use both.
Drawn's fun, and people are all accepting.
But I love the familiarity of toonator; most of my friens are here
WolfHats 10.03.2019 18:24
SpiritWolfie, i know right?
SpiritWolfie 10.03.2019 18:24
2DaruiAnimator, but drawn isnt bad.
and it isnt a wannabe toonator.
JodieLim 09.03.2019 10:27
Another one is'SUPER BORED' becase I'm bored now
JodieLim 09.03.2019 10:20
I made a picture on drawn called '1m bored' it's in Anonymous
2DaruiAnimator 09.03.2019 09:23
WolfHats, yeah i kow