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Rules of the R0YALS , except less complex?

05.11.2017 00:43
1. Pm @Fluffowuffo if you wish to be a member 2. If a member, I urge you to not make crudposts and try some on your toons still. If you animate something but are an archaeologist, ask passer or animator ranked members about it before posting 3. You may leave of your own accord if you do not wish to be a member 4. Collab toons are a'ight 5. You don't have to animate; you may draw as well 6. No porn or automatic removal from the group. 7. Don't be a bad sport; You may not insult other users on here, but I do allow honest, well though-out critique. Think before you say stuff, kids. 8. You may not animate other people's characters in a way that is insulting. 9. When you make a toon or a draft, please put in the description who it is by 10. Whenever you comment with this account, it will not show to other users which user is on the account and replying/commenting. Please tack a nickname of yours at the end so that others'll know that it's you. 11. Pm @Fluffowuffo if you have any questions.



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aND_sTEVEN_SUAU_ 05.11.2017 00:44
*goes to pm fluffowuffo*
R0YALS 05.11.2017 00:44
R0YALS, same
also i follow all this rules best i can -dbk
R0YALS 05.11.2017 00:43
R0YALS, I hate it when the description is cut off. - Fluff
R0YALS 05.11.2017 00:43
12. Album may only have folders of current members, and must've exceed 5 pages long. 13. Officers are allowed to make contest toons, but only once a month. Pm Fluffowuffo if you'd like to make a contest but are not an officer. Have a nice day! - Fluff