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fanart for 5OUL

25.05.2017 07:30
5OUL, i have been admiring you ever since i joined toonator, i have always loved your art and i should have made a move and talked to you but nervousness got the best of me back then, i hope people reconize you even more! To the point where you get to toon of the day! Your an amazing person and you treat your friends a m a z i n g l y, im glad your on toonator, it would be weird without you, im glad i could make this for this type of art practice, sorry if i messed up, i kinda turned it into my own drawing and the hair was supposed to be wind action but it didn't turn out the way i wanted it too, hope you like it :3, i messed up on it so it aint that good :333333
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cutie_bunny 25.05.2017 21:33
i wish you could draw me to becuz this is awsome ;W;
fnaf-tale 25.05.2017 07:44
5OUL, yw <3
5OUL 25.05.2017 07:42
fnaf-tale, It's okay if you think so I love all he fanarts

Thank you v much
fnaf-tale 25.05.2017 07:41
5OUL, nnooo i messed up badly....
and its bland, i should've added more detaillll
its badddd
but your welcome, glad i could do this for u ^w^
5OUL 25.05.2017 07:39
fnaf-tale 25.05.2017 07:32
oh yea i was also rushed because of the last days of school, and i totally forgot about this ^w^"""
narwhale220 25.05.2017 07:32