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is it worth it?

03.01.2019 22:55
I really want to buy a beautiful raptor adoptable like here: https://www.deviantart.com/quillcoil/art/Raptor-Rave-3-Closed-661465583 I'd have the money for it but I'm asking for your opinion if it's worth it to buy a fictional character (that I'd probs use a lot)? I mean it feels weird to buy sth that doesn't exist and I'm scared to waste money lmao
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AThornBush 03.01.2019 23:04
TundraLotos, wheeze
Yw uwu
TundraLotos 03.01.2019 23:03
AThornBush, Ok I will still think about it but thank you for like, convincing me to not waste existing money on this lmao
AThornBush 03.01.2019 23:02
TundraLotos, good idea jahshajajaa
YEah that would be another alternative so
TundraLotos 03.01.2019 23:01
AThornBush, Maybe I can just make a bunch of adoptables to sell and then use that money to buy one

I mean I wouldn't lose anything then I love drawing adoptables-
AThornBush 03.01.2019 22:59
TundraLotos, lmao,,
Save ur money for when ur an adult or smth
That's what I'm doing so
TundraLotos 03.01.2019 22:59
AThornBush, yeah maybe I'm just having that midnight impulse buying spree lol

I really love their design style tho ugh
AThornBush 03.01.2019 22:57
AThornBush, off of it**
AThornBush 03.01.2019 22:57
I say don't waste ur money,,,,,,maybe just
Use the idea of it and make ur own based off of is,but not entirely