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20.02.2020 18:48
that's from 2018 my dude guess i will never finish ¯\_( ツ)_/¯
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MarsTheWolf 02.03.2020 20:33
I very much like this!
Fluffowuffo 28.02.2020 01:33
Pirata, ohhh
pretend means that you're faking something
those two can't be interchanged oof
is okie uwu
Tacoguy455 24.02.2020 20:51
I love magi this is a great animation
Pirata 23.02.2020 07:00
Fluffowuffo, "Pretend" can be used as "plan to"? I guess maybe have missundertanded the meaning ""
Fluffowuffo 22.02.2020 09:06
Pirata, it is kinda recent, and not everyone on toonator is in the server, so it's understandable that u didn't know
it's okie lol
what do u mean by pretend, tho? like, u mean with what i said about draft-dropping? XD
PotatoChipzToon 22.02.2020 08:22
animating this probably take a very long long time
-Lloyd- 22.02.2020 01:28
Drawing tablet?
GLECK 21.02.2020 22:46
Pirata, are you gonna animate anywhere else?
Pirata 21.02.2020 18:11
Fluffowuffo, thats good i didin't know that!
sorry for my bad english (^^ゞ i pretend to post here too*
-__-__-__-__-__- 21.02.2020 15:48
do you have animator if you dont ill be mad