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More people practice - Any suggestions?

15.09.2018 00:24
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Athena97 15.09.2018 00:41
red_nose, If you really think Athena97 didn't draw this, press play on both of the drawings and you will see.
Athena97 15.09.2018 00:32
red_nose, No, that one's different!! Look at the hair colour! Plus, I was to lazy to add shoulders to this one! Yeah, I will try other poses soon!
red_nose 15.09.2018 00:30
i get they drew it for you but
itd probably be more helpful in advancing in drawing if you drew the character in more than one pose
Athena97 15.09.2018 00:27
AnonymousGoat13 15.09.2018 00:26
Oooo I like the hair. :)