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Game Of Thrones

04.09.2017 07:49
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Its finally done!! Which team will you go for? The Dier Wolves <--> Starchs, the Lions <--> Lanistars, the Deer <--> Pyke or Stanos, the Dragons <--> Danarious, or the MockingBird <--> Little Finger or the Vale Kingdom. I hope you guys like this and it took FOREVER and i got a bit lazy with it, now i have to figure out how to add music to this...
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Adenb9 26.01.2019 00:05
dier wolves!
Internut 23.10.2017 12:18
DontMindMe-, Because she be better than you
Nadyuscha5657 25.09.2017 12:01
OMG *0*
mergetta 17.09.2017 14:24
fnaf-tale 07.09.2017 04:44
im still mad at myself for not adding white walkers in this ... >:/
fnaf-tale 04.09.2017 20:54
Sass-Crystal, yea I know Im bad at animating and mehhh...
And I did give a bit up because I was loosing self confidence from people who are telling me that everything I do here is horrible... so I wanted to finish it with the last drops of modivation I had ....
ebanygamesonfnaf 04.09.2017 20:41
my mom likes watching game of thrones.
tomjon10 04.09.2017 20:37
how do you add music?
vasyanex 04.09.2017 20:20
SassAss 04.09.2017 19:59
__FusH__, TY SO MUCH FAM ;;<;;