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my unfinished version of super surusuruwo

18.09.2020 15:01
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this animation was based on goku transforming into super saiyan, I i don't know if i make him do one kamehameha or turning green like in the glowstick animation.
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Damiyuta 21.09.2020 12:13
SuruSuruWo, thank you >O<
SuruSuruWo 20.09.2020 21:23
Damiyuta, sure no problem
Damiyuta 19.09.2020 15:27
AnnikatheLlama 19.09.2020 12:58
this is incredible
Damiyuta 19.09.2020 05:55
SuruSuruWo, thanks for the medal and the comment, maybe we can make a collab someday if you want
SuruSuruWo 19.09.2020 04:57
holy shit dude this is bonkers thank you
Damiyuta 19.09.2020 02:40
ddiarra, thanks for asking but i can't say what i'm going to draw because i might end up giving up or failing to finish because it is very difficult.
but I'm going to do a Disney animation
Damiyuta 19.09.2020 02:37
ddiarra, I answered in the wrong place ignore the answer below
Damiyuta 19.09.2020 02:23
I am too lazy to continue the animations I make, I end up having a lot of drafts, but I will try harder to make them until the end. the two jobs that I posted were not completely finished, but I only posted because otherwise I take too long to post :P
ddiarra 19.09.2020 02:17
Damiyuta, what animations are you making today?,