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07.01.2020 18:47
One cold winter day, a box sat on the curb. Who am i? where am i? Why i was abandoned? Chimmy didn't have answers to any of this questions. Still as long as Chimmy had thr harmonica, it was okay. whenever Chimmy was lonely, Chimmy played the harmonica. Chimmy secretly wished someone would listen,but no one was there even as time still passed, Chimmy still was all alone. But on that day, things were different. And for the very first time, Chimmy learned his first word together.
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EGYPT333 07.01.2020 19:22
Devil_Dogher @ что то имеешь против?
Devil_Dogher 07.01.2020 18:52
ясно бтс
HuKoGdA_HE_BPEM 07.01.2020 18:50
EGYPT333 07.01.2020 18:47
И опять мне не показывают эти пробелы да ёмае