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a doodle?

08.11.2016 07:00
blip! blonk! blip! blonk! bl...
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ComicSans- 19.11.2016 07:35
greg did wer earings
peeks 10.11.2016 04:48
Jungerheld: yes.
@THECOMPLIMENTS: IM DYING. ITS A DOODLE. DONT PRAISE. BAD. *busts out the squirty gun in a poor attempt to defend m'self*
CuteTemmie99: now that i think about it think about like really think about it... id say it has more of a kaiba esque? it must be the lil yellow orbs. hm.
fox-yellow-123: pink! white! pink! white!
fox-yellow-123: id close my eyes too if i was getting squished in the face by a blip wall.
we can call them an enigma tho. like. *eats he and she* munch munch. what are they
peeks 10.11.2016 04:39
KingDad: oh how fleeting a moment in color...
MokuMoku: hmmm... maybe when i get more diligent ill think about applying for it, but it seems like too much responsibility right now idk. WHAT HONOUR YOU BRING UPON ME THO LIKE SHUT. UR BEAUTIFUL MOUTH.
@thecompliments yet again. *HAPPY YELLS* THANK.
WhisperingGhoulX: wow i didnt know greg wore earrings. v fashionable. 100 points to hufflepuff.
peeks 10.11.2016 04:34
aaaah just give me a moment to respond to all these, o lordy.
Everyone that give me the great compliments: THANK YOU!!!
LoveDerp: hmmmm.... yeah i guess the colory goop stuff is pretty RS. now that i think about it! thanka you btw!
jjmaster: Shoot, I didn't catch that last part. Something about russian, weird, and not understand...
fox-yellow-123 09.11.2016 21:04
how he or she still closing eyes?
fox-yellow-123 09.11.2016 21:03
fox-yellow-123 09.11.2016 21:03
pink white pink white
CuteTemmie99 09.11.2016 08:02
ik it reminds me of steven universe
Aesaii 09.11.2016 06:53
this is really awesome. You more than deserve animator tbh <3
MintyPaws 09.11.2016 05:52
this is SO GOOD