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The Last Picked 2 Trailer

03.07.2018 20:49
You saw the first fight, that should have ended it all. No, nothing changed. The creature causes more death and destruction then ever, and the same teens need to figure out a way to stop it once and for all. (And before you ask, this is the last "The Last Picked" movie there will be, unless I change my mind since something good happens or I am asked to create a 3rd movie. Bye)
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ToonToonAnimator 03.07.2018 21:05
if u havent watched it, ill link it
ToonToonAnimator 03.07.2018 21:05
v did you watch the first one? if yes, i kinda understand
Sweet_Pudding 03.07.2018 21:05
oH mY gOD
ToonToonAnimator 03.07.2018 20:57
why isnt there a "thumbs down" system on toonator? i'd give this a thumbs down
ToonToonAnimator 03.07.2018 20:50
By the way, I know you think that there is a typo in "The will go on" But, the creature is called "The" by the characters later in the movie.