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10.08.2020 01:33
STOP TO CALL ME TOXIC.YEAH,I KNOW I'M TOXIC,BUT STOP TO CALL ME TOXIC!......*air* 1- Kashew and me we are friends, 2- you draw like a goat lmao.3- if i called you not passer worthy is why you don't are! You asked if youre passer worthy,and i say NO,And you become angry.¿THEN WHY YOU ASKED? IS A FUCKING OPINION.Ok ther users,here a good animation of a tail!


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vangle 24.08.2020 19:06
Epicxzbutgood 24.08.2020 10:30
vangle, if u wanna start new then we'll start new, and forget this all. OK?
sashabraus101 14.08.2020 19:52
vangle, that may have been by accident. But I don't remember blocking you my dude XD
sashabraus101 14.08.2020 19:52
vangle, I no block you brubb
vangle 14.08.2020 19:40
( y Flare-Aamon la misma de toon)
vangle 14.08.2020 19:39
sashabraus101, 1_ que pedo hablas español ._.?
2_Me gusta que me digan toxica,pero tampoco que me lo digan TODO el tiempo.
3_Tengo una familia,y esa familia esta en drawn. ¡Hasta tengo una hermana hayá!.Un papá (ClaytonR,el creador) una mamá (Flare-Aamon!!!) Mi hermosa hermana...que es la unica que sabe mi secreto.. (virus <3) y muchisisisimos amigos!
4_Uhh...de hecho si me bloqueaste .-.
sashabraus101 14.08.2020 17:10
vangle, Why is it that, I am picked on? By you. When I am trying to have a good time on this site, you come over and start your stuff on my toons. I am not calling you toxic, and quite frankly I don't think you deserve that title. That might be because I am stupid, or naïve...I am not really sure. You know, I speak Spanish. LOL. Puedo entender lo que me dices a mí y a los demás. I was looking at the comments on the toon. And noticed ChillingPastelle defending me. Thank you Chilingpastelle. But then I saw why. Dude. It really wasn't polite to tease me in my time of need. About family members dying. And I am sorry about your pets, I hope you get many beautiful creatures and kittens and puppies, or whatever you would like. And I hope that they will comfort you and be responsible for caramel dreams. To be honest, I don't think you are toxic, just someone in the look for help. But, nobody to ask or talk to. And let's be real, you did ruin your reputation. But, that was really a choice. Wasn't it? I personally don't care what you think of me currently. But understand, that even when things were bumpy between us, I never blocked you. Why? Because I knew that if something was wrong, or if something happened to you, it would be all closed doors. So, I wanted to leave a door open for you. And maybe just maybe I thought that you and I would have a fresh start. And that you would have a fresh start on Toonator. It's your choices that brought you here in this current situation. You chose to make comments that were not constructive. You chose to say those things. You chose to be like this. And when you realize that this is all you could do...It became you. Really, I am trying to help you. But you shut me down. You shut everyone down. This was another choice you made.
Don't get me wrong. I am not saying you are responsible for the misery in this platform. But, you did contribute. And really that's okay. Because now you can fix that.
One more thing, About the description.
Nobody, And I mean nobody asked you, if they were passer worthy. Your "opinions" Are what triggering people. You know why? Cause they are not opinions. They are rude and petty statements. this is just wrong. I am so sorry and honestly mad that they would make this directed towards you. At the same time though, It's not appropriate to retaliate. You have to think.
1) "why did they make this toon?"
2) "can I fix it?"
3)" Did they do it multiple times?"
4)" Do I retaliate, or walk away?"
You ever notice how like for example teachers just don't deal with your bull shit?
(not saying about you, just kids in general)
and then it's just like, you forget about the situation. And it never will happen again?
that is the approach you should make with these kinds of toons. Sometimes to win is to walk away. The comments are rhetorical, not to be taken as MAJOR offences. *unless they talk about racial things. I will give you that.* But, if you don't want things to happen like this, do not engage. I have that problem too. I am a fighter. I have a big mouth and a small head.*woo, made that analogy at the tip of my fingers* Given this fact about me, It's all about self control.
Just remember. Nobody really hates you. I can assure you that. Hate is a word and a feeling. but It takes a lot to know that feeling. And honestly, without sugar coating...your attitude is just a tiny pebble in a world of rocks, boulders, and mountains. I know that hell or high water, you can change your attitude. And this is real bruv, your fam, is here on toonator. Now you gotta make amends and build that family. now imma make a sammich. peace.
RobloxianCats 13.08.2020 22:56
vangle 13.08.2020 22:45
RobloxianCats, Tysm.but i don't animate for the critics,is why i don't have inspiration.But if you wanna see more of my art you can go to drawn and see my profile @MEowFoxlife.You draw pretty too.
RobloxianCats 13.08.2020 22:36
(I didn't mean to sound rude I'm just telling you that you aren't really that toxic)