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Can Awkward commit to the mouse?

21.06.2019 08:49
No she can't.
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Awkward__Artist 31.10.2019 05:36
ToonToonAnimator, You´re the titanic guy.
netflixandchina 29.10.2019 21:42
This website wont let me use my drawing tablet and i cant draw anythiing with the trackpad on my laptop, can anyone help?
ToonToonAnimator 29.10.2019 02:16
Can awkward remember an old friend?
iliketodab 07.10.2019 10:28
smh imagine using a mouse

i control my cursor with the arrow keys and use spacebar to click B)
Awkward__Artist 30.09.2019 00:05
Kotsuko, That doesn't mean it's good.
Kotsuko 29.09.2019 16:21
Be quiet Awkward

this is liquid smooth
toonimator_101 10.07.2019 21:04
This is still amazing compared to work <3
Awkward__Artist 21.06.2019 08:51
Honestly, I hated making this.
As simple and dumb as the animation is, I just couldn't wait to be done with it.
It's just so fricken tedious, even though I've used a mouse before.