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13.08.2018 00:20
7 медалей
this took me forever and it was so hard to do! 1) i suck at head angles 2)i have never animated a kiss and 3) normally im too lazy to do stuff in my more realistic style. BIG OOF. this is a first for me so im sorry if it looks a little bad (or alot) uwu
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tuIp 14.04.2019 03:08
srry if we got of on the wrong hand
budgerigar921 29.01.2019 04:36
ThroughThePortal 14.12.2018 20:02
now he has cooties
arz 08.12.2018 01:15
This is the best kiss I've ever seen in a cartoon !!))
Talia8Pie 18.11.2018 05:40
_Disaster_, REVENGE HEE
_Disaster_ 18.11.2018 05:40
ElfKing 19.10.2018 20:02
Is dis me? X3
PicklesWithFruit 17.10.2018 14:51
wow, just wow!
_Disaster_ 13.10.2018 05:25
AnimatorAcademy 13.10.2018 00:30
wait....... just wondering...... is that from SwordArtOnline?!?