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The dreaded 3/4 - Suggestions are very welcome!

16.09.2018 02:27
Not too too bad, I guess for a first try. Please, constructive criticism would be very helpful!
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Athena97 16.09.2018 02:30
red_nose, Thanks! I will do my best not to make any more giraffes!
Athena97 16.09.2018 02:29
villains-, Thanks! Yeah, I need to find a way of drawing lips!
red_nose 16.09.2018 02:29
the necks a bit long (idk if thats intended) and the lips could use a bit more detail but other than that, i really like this good job
villains- 16.09.2018 02:29
i love this its so good, but i think you could fix the bangs and lips. but its a great drawing