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Winter Rage

30.11.2017 13:28
Topic of the day: Winter Related. Dundundun...The last leaf has fallen. Winter Rage sets in. Rest in peace Summer and all the green goodness. We will miss you so!
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Sunshineoftime 02.12.2017 09:28
izzyrocks9877, summer is dead. U_U it's like going to reach -2 degree here. sigh*
izzyrocks9877 02.12.2017 01:58
shes mad cuz summer is ded by summer hello winter
Sunshineoftime 01.12.2017 08:47
Sunshineoftime 01.12.2017 08:46
5infulSoul, thanks!
Sunshineoftime 01.12.2017 08:46
RANDOMGIRL4, i'm glad lol
Sunshineoftime 01.12.2017 08:46
Sunshineoftime 01.12.2017 08:46
Skilleddrawings, ... yup reasons mad. xD
Sunshineoftime 01.12.2017 08:45
Sunshineoftime 01.12.2017 08:45
THeFoxMaker2004, new years is nice too, and the black friday. christmas is nice because of all the peppermint around! wished we had fall based foods and winter based foods, all year. ^-^
THeFoxMaker2004 01.12.2017 05:24
Well the only thing that is good that comes out of it is Christmas