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the newist kits

03.05.2019 16:05
Grace has an army of kids now. she originally had 5 kittens, but 3 of them died from sickness. pebble is a runt, and is still suffering from the sickness. and chippy is also sick, but not as bad as her brother. Grace tried to give her kits up to humans so they could cure their sickness. chippy always stayed around, but pebble always sneek out of the house and came back to grace.he did manage to get cured after a trip to the vet, and thats when he started to chill the fck out and enjoy his new home. later on, everyone returns back to theforest to live with eachother. (deffinetly not warrior cats related in an yway)
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Yuki142080 03.05.2019 18:41
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA i love them. babies. wrow.
JourneyToDrawiii 03.05.2019 17:26
Dodobroking11 03.05.2019 17:23
JacksonAnimates 03.05.2019 17:04
they are adorable
ebanygamesonfnaf 03.05.2019 16:10
EmotionLess, i did a new something last night! (i know this sounds like advertising and i don't usually advertise my stuff but whatever.)
EmotionLess 03.05.2019 16:07
ebanygamesonfnaf 03.05.2019 16:06