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idk why but

09.08.2016 12:20
I like talking like I'm a PC :T Like 'Would you like to talk to 'KAnimate'? >Yes< >Shut Down<' (that's just an example)
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TakTikDu 09.08.2016 12:55
KAnimate, Put the image as the computer background!! :DD
KAnimate 09.08.2016 12:54

Toon downloaded.

Setting as file image...

File image set.

'You're welco' now has the image as it's picture.

What next?
TakTikDu 09.08.2016 12:49
KAnimate, -Waiting intestifies-
KAnimate 09.08.2016 12:48
TakTikDu, Toon download status:

85% complete.
TakTikDu 09.08.2016 12:43
KAnimate, yeee :DD
KAnimate 09.08.2016 12:42
TakTikDu, Analysing command...

Analysed, command suitable.


Downloading toon...
TakTikDu 09.08.2016 12:41
KAnimate, pu t kanimate with a sh ir t saying you're wel co in the ph o to thingy
KAnimate 09.08.2016 12:40
TakTikDu, File named.

'You're welco.jpg'

What do you want to do with this file?
TakTikDu 09.08.2016 12:29
KAnimate, You're welco
KAnimate 09.08.2016 12:25
TakTikDu, Files <

Create file <

Name your file.