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my sadistic Seawing

18.05.2019 05:39
Hook's an asshole, he's dead now.
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JacksonAnimates 18.05.2019 06:20
JacksonAnimates, whole life***
JacksonAnimates 18.05.2019 06:20
RookMajonika, hm? He's a depressed guy. Sure, he's an asshole, but the dragoness he loved for his whole like brotherzoned him and chose his best friend.

and uh, what's a 'an m'? I don't know the abbreviation
RookMajonika 18.05.2019 06:00
i think this com section needs another comment
i also think he is ok but he looks more like an m tbh
make him look less sad maybe?
luck from over there
canadian-leaf205 18.05.2019 05:51
JacksonAnimates, ffffffiiiinnnnnnnneeeee
JacksonAnimates 18.05.2019 05:50
canadian-leaf205 18.05.2019 05:50
JacksonAnimates 18.05.2019 05:49
canadian-leaf205, Don't be loving this one, he's not made to be loved.
canadian-leaf205 18.05.2019 05:49
JacksonAnimates, Coz I love mean characters
JacksonAnimates 18.05.2019 05:47
canadian-leaf205 18.05.2019 05:46