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21.11.2016 06:05
I love The Neverhood too much dood
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Papyru 26.11.2016 20:51
OttoVarKLay I was saying I am jealous of them myself, basically. Haha XD
MokuMoku 26.11.2016 09:36
OttoVarKLay, He doesnt envy himself
OttoVarKLay 26.11.2016 09:34
Papyru, how can you envy yourself ? VI thank you
Papyru 25.11.2016 18:04
OttoVarKLay Haha, I am quite jealous myself
I like your username! It's cool :D
OttoVarKLay 25.11.2016 15:45
Papyru, my nickname I tried to do as much as possible neverdock and get something weird but thank you
OttoVarKLay 25.11.2016 15:43
Papyru, Yes they work good ,I'm jealous...
Papyru 25.11.2016 05:12
OttoVarKLay Sounds like your username :P
Papyru 25.11.2016 05:11
OttoVarKLay I don't really know them too well, but their work is really nice! :D
OttoVarKLay 24.11.2016 22:11
Papyru, wow, you know a man by the nickname Ottoandpooky ?
Papyru 23.11.2016 03:12
OttoVarKLay Yes I am! http://rose-katt.deviantart.com/