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time to get adult with you guys

26.01.2019 00:35
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my name is not Disaster. my name is jaisa. i am a 17 year old girl from Canada. behind this screen is a living breathing human being. like me, we are all real people all around the world. and recently some of us have not been being treated like people. more like reusable discord bots. this is not okay. just because we are easily accessible because of the internet, does not mean that words do not hurt us. or that curtain actions have no effect on us. each and every toonator user IS A REAL PERSON and should be treated as such, not like used and or washed up garbage. we are here to connect and be a part of a community, not to worsen our mental heath because of other people who are trying to take advantage of others. you know who you are. its time some of us grew up and thought about better ways to be apart of an online community. because no one deserves to be treated like a bot. if you are a victim of something like this, do not invest your time in someone who is using you, dont let t
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tulp3rdwavetulp 27.05.2020 19:35
Page 6 of this toon:
_Disaster_ 24.04.2020 23:06
TheRebirthOfTulp, pftt what? XD
-__-__-__-__-__- 10.03.2020 16:24
fun fact: i have never before clicked this toon on this account
HrvatskanTulp77 09.03.2020 02:11
TheRebirthOfTulp, ReturnOfTheTulps Thank you! This is something that desperately needs to be said. It's a shame people are ignorant of what really went on.
_StarMoonlight_ 04.03.2020 22:01
whoruntheworld 15.02.2020 07:19
TheRebirthOfTulp 11.02.2020 03:36

The Tulps have feelings too.
-Human_Person- 11.02.2020 03:29
TheRebirthOfTulp, notniceword???? nvm it's a quote
ReturnOfTheTulps 11.02.2020 03:27
TheRebirthOfTulp, True. Most of these comments say "preach" but they don't know of that comment also written by _Disaster_
TheRebirthOfTulp 11.02.2020 03:23
"hi. fuck off. is fucking 2019 not the fucking 1800s. deal with it. no one gives a fuck if u agree or not. people are who they are, and everyone is different. not that hard to except. if u have an issue about this. get the fuck of the internet and lay down in a whole okay? this is how the world is and if u cant keep your shitty ass opinions to yourself, you aint gunna have any friends or people who would even think about showing you any respect." - _Disaster_

You may have changed and I sincerely hope you have but tulps...tulps never forget.