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04.10.2018 01:41
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Are you guys doing draws for inktober?
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inactivity 05.10.2018 03:54
yeah i'm doing drawings for inktober, but its hard since i don't do digital, and spend way too much time on a single day smh
Wvadney_2 05.10.2018 02:15
zefuro 04.10.2018 23:37
the type of girl if fall for on purpose
AsianBrotatoe 04.10.2018 23:10
this complicates me
Squibby 04.10.2018 19:57
Kawaii owo
SpiritWolfie 04.10.2018 19:14
Yeah, well my dad is, I ain;t
L557 04.10.2018 06:09
so smooth yet still has the wiggly lines, i love it
PicklesWithFruit 04.10.2018 04:09
Pirata, o-o
Pirata 04.10.2018 03:43
PicklesWithFruit, It's a Trap!
BirdsCrickets 04.10.2018 03:05
owo's in portuguese
this looks great