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21.09.2019 21:29
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if this gets a medal i will keep this in my album forever
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Pelham 28.03.2020 00:14
Zatch 27.03.2020 07:37
Pelham 27.03.2020 06:39
wwooob-, Zatch, poop fucker
Zatch 27.03.2020 04:39
wwooob-, who THE FUCK said it was funny? That’s literally all bitches like you say as a comeback , just repeat what they say in all caps and with a couple of XDs
The fact that you’re such a petty little bitch is funny not calling you one
wwooob- 27.03.2020 04:32
omg saying bitch so funny OMG OMG OMG BITCH LOOL LOOL
Zatch 27.03.2020 04:30
Pelham 27.03.2020 04:06
get off my dick slut
braeiou 18.11.2019 19:35
ThatDrawingCat 08.11.2019 07:22
Zatch 07.11.2019 20:25
wais228, I’m a guy with a cock