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Paper Plane

06.09.2018 15:45
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-__-__-__-__-__- 04.01.2020 00:24
Plot twist:

Letter: Wanna go out have some coffee tomorrow after school? :)
drumcat 04.01.2020 00:22
It’s cool, I showed my friends and they liked it too.
Cocoa_Coleman 08.09.2019 17:58
wow, this is amazing!
Anim8R 08.09.2019 17:25
when she murders a guy that happens to look like your artstyle irl

S p o o p y
SpiritWolfie 08.09.2019 14:59
Owo nice
SpiritWolfie 08.09.2019 14:59
gafgot, same
gafgot 08.09.2019 14:25
me when someone miss genders me
rougexeno 08.09.2019 13:09
well he had not much goin for him death wish
DF529 08.09.2019 12:37
Boy: Sends Aeroplane
Girl: Snatches and Kill Boy
Boy: Why you Kill Me?
pudii 02.05.2019 03:24
She opens the note and it says " hi can we be friends my parents died, so im lonely. " owo