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"Love is kinda hard.

23.05.2019 23:51
You make yourself better then BAM, they fall for someone else. This is some Hart of Dixie shit."
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JacksonAnimates 28.06.2019 23:06
SpiritWolfie, thankyou
SpiritWolfie 28.06.2019 19:59
JacksonAnimates, omgomg he's poly?? thats amazing squee
JacksonAnimates 24.05.2019 00:07
firehorsegirl, I've already said he's a polyamory,,,,
firehorsegirl 24.05.2019 00:05
JacksonAnimates, well ik that but hes,,,,,with someone,,,
JacksonAnimates 24.05.2019 00:02
IAmDissapointing, what episode are you on!??!?!
IAmDissapointing 24.05.2019 00:02
JacksonAnimates 24.05.2019 00:00
canadian-leaf205, hehe
firehorsegirl, He had a life before Jerome,,
IAmDissapointing, please tell me you're watching Hart of Dixie-
canadian-leaf205 23.05.2019 23:54
so tru
firehorsegirl 23.05.2019 23:54
IAmDissapointing 23.05.2019 23:53