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Unnoticed :c

31.12.2016 18:50
Hiya guys pwees help me i feel unwanted, unnoticed. i know i get more attention than other people, but i wish some company. I have no friends either, or "toonator families?" anyways please help ~WinterFoxx❤❤
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hotbot 26.06.2017 16:08
WinterFoxx 22.01.2017 14:10
AdeleBravelee, awww yay thx
AdeleBravelee 20.01.2017 14:09
WinterFoxx 10.01.2017 18:13
justnaturethings 06.01.2017 23:57
WinterFoxx, np :D
WinterFoxx 04.01.2017 18:27
justnaturethings, exdeee, thank you!! I now do not feel alone
justnaturethings 02.01.2017 21:34
WinterFoxx, i will be your friend :D
exdeee 02.01.2017 20:58
i dont have toonator friends pretty much either. i did collab with someone once but they forgot to finish it so yeah.
exdeee 02.01.2017 20:57
this looks cool AAAAAAAA
WinterFoxx 02.01.2017 10:07
anomibubblegumxo, thanks and no i dont have spiders. I wish i did though. :U