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(ㅅꈍ ˘ ꈍ)

10.03.2019 20:43
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if u clicked on this ur gae uwu
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DeSpAcItUs 16.07.2020 01:00
As a straight cis male, I have to say, this is about 82 degrees Celsius for me personally
Mrkawsome 21.06.2020 11:04
wow this is like asdf movie *clicks button* "oh im gay now"
_StarMoonlight_ 09.03.2020 18:36
oof but i'm straight (´ω`*)
Drawingz 09.03.2020 18:16
Drawingz 09.03.2020 18:16
Heck im gay now i guess
HrvatskanTulp77 12.02.2020 05:58
HrvatskanTulp77, tulps back together now! even still, i'm not going to start this mess again cause this toon was something right here
TulpTulp77 02.01.2020 22:21
HrvatskanTulp77, I apologize on behalf of the tulps as well.
HrvatskanTulp77 02.01.2020 22:15
I don't mean to add more to this thread but I revoke all comments that I and other tulps have made and I apologize for any distress I may have caused, though I hold true to my original opinion.
POKMEMON_UWU 14.11.2019 18:13
oof i want this to happen to meh. But with boys cuz im gay ;-;
POKMEMON_UWU 14.11.2019 18:10
This is cute