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08.04.2014 12:52
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PiperTheArtsyFox 17.08.2018 03:44
CCDriver 12.07.2014 23:34
TolyaM, oh mate thats true, well atleast toon is brighter now :/
TolyaM 05.07.2014 13:50
NekiQ, Да, прикольно
TolyaM 05.07.2014 13:49
CCDriver, Sorry man but on real 3d portal the white is no have wall but grey have wall or floor. and how you placed a portal on white when in white no have anything? your portal will not be placed and if you go to white and go down you will fall and fail
NekiQ 08.04.2014 18:07
Прикольно :О